Europe 2014 Introductory Course

This year’s introductory course was the largest ever hosted in Europe with 18 participants from 5 different nations – Switzerland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Germany. The staff and leaders all did an amazing job despite the large numbers being an organizational challenge. It was a privilege to have members from all RescueNet locations and various countries. This really showed the participants how we work and for the staff it was great to meet, connect and fellowship with each other (especially between the different RescueNet branches). This year we had PP1s (staff in training) leading small teams of participants throughout the training, including the scenarios! This was really helpful for the participants, especially with such a large group, we were able to make sure that no participant was slipping through the cracks.

Besides the usual scenarios we set up a scenario day where we also included several elements about security and field awareness. This was an emotional challenge for some of the participants but we got a lot of good feedback from them about this day. For the final scenario we were able to use a place from the Swiss civil-defense. For our big group we had to come up with many casualties. In the end we had a large group of help. The participants did an amazing job and all the casualties, bystanders enjoyed it so much!