Survivors waiting for help

Finding Our Place

31 March, 2019

Yesterday and today our team was able to settle in to the work in the Nhamatanda district. Between the two days our doctors, with help from our other medical workers, were able to treat approximately 200 patients as other team members cared for many of the local children. We are one of 2 teams assigned to this entire region, the other being from the IFRC.

Our team has a safe, central, if somewhat noisy base in their tents at the Beira airfield where they are in close proximity to the response hub, including  most other teams, and the supply and transportation hubs. Each day they split up with some going into the clinic and others taking care of other necessary business, like restocking supplies.

Our partnership with the Republic of South Africa helicopter pilots has been a huge blessing. It has made doing the work possible. Transportation is one of the parts of disaster response that often gets overwhelmed. Having reliable, safe access to the affected areas, and to supplies is absolutely crucial. We are grateful for the RSA pilots and for the logistics hub who is keeping things moving smoothly. It is not an easy job.

The team is doing well, although fatigue has set in for many, This is normal as well, considering the circumstances. They are having daily debriefs, and our team care personnel are very encouraged at how everyone is holding up.

Thank you for your support, in prayer, morale and finances. We are very grateful to you all!