RescueNet offers unique, two week introductory courses. The course is designed to expose each participant to the various fields of emergency relief work, including First Response Medicine, Search and Rescue, Fire Suppression, Disaster Psychology, Radio Communications, Disaster Childcare, Field Awareness, etc.

To participate in this course, applicants must have successfully completed a DTS, hold a current First Aid certificate and pre-read the RN manual (which takes about 20 hours). We ask you to pre-read the manual so there is more time for practical activities.

Using a modular form of impartation, RescueNet uses the expertise of its own trained members plus local service providers to share in their field of work. Throughout this time, participants engage into increasingly difficult scenarios in a build up to the final (as real life as possible) scenario, which lasts for several hours and encompasses everything that has been taught.

Throughout these entire courses, each participant is closely monitored for their application to the intense work, their acceptance and teamsmanship to those around them, and their negotiations throughout a very intense and dynamic scenario. This helps the team to better assess each participant’s retention abilities, their reaction to stress and tension, their teamsmanship, their reaction to massive injuries and their overall ability to cope in a very difficult environment.

We are not trying to deliberately frighten people, but we are also not playing games here. The environment in which we work can be a very dangerous place, wherein several of our members have already faced death on several occasions! Therefore, throughout these scenarios, the aim is to simulate (as real we can) ‘on field’ experiences, with the aim of enabling the participant time to evaluate if they feel comfortable with the Team and this line of work. It equally affords the Team time to observe the participant, to see if they feel comfortable with the participant and that they are ready for this field of service.

Please feel free to direct further enquires about the RescueNet Introductory Course from our contact page here or your own email client.


Introductory Courses for 2017

RescueNet US
Heredia, Costa Rica
August 20-September 2, 2017
Cost is $700 usd. for details

RescueNet Australia
Canberra, Australia
November 20-December 2, 2017 for details


Introductory Courses for 2018

RescueNet Europe
Wiler, Switzerland
May 27 – June 9, 2018 for details