Last Update Turkey (March 15)

During the second half of the deployment/outreach it became harder for the team to find concrete tasks as many locals by now got relocated to other cities outside of the earthquake zone.

Once the camp was established the team focused on running kids’ programs, packing food parcels, handing out blankets and pillows to the people in their camp. Two team members were able to usher two local ladies to the hospital, because of medical issues. 

As the local needs were shifting, and the country was able to restore certain structures, the team had to reassess and explore other opportunities or consider potentially relocating. A reconnaissance team, with three of our members, conducted a trip to a Syrian border city on Thursday March 9. They also checked out a Syrian refugee camp but it didn’t result in ‘open doors’ there.

Back at the base camp the team continued spending time with the local residents. Work among the kids was well received by the community. So nice to see children smile again after such traumatic experiences while doing simple things like rope skipping. The team also organized a special evening for ladies. These women had been going through devastating experiences these past weeks. Now the team helped the women to relax and smile while receiving a hand massage or getting their nails polished. (Interesting how a hand massage and nail polish is a tool for mental health and recovery!)

On Monday (March 13) the team packed and travelled back to Adana. In Adana they took time to intentionally debrief as a team. Reflecting, processing, learning from the successes and challenges. On Tuesday most members stepped on the plane, direction home. Thankful for what the team could do, together with our local partners.