Clinic in Buvi District

New Ground, New Partners

3 April, 2019

Today saw the team once again split into multiple subteams. One of these smaller teams was assigned to a new area, one that has still not seen any aid since the cyclone hit almost three weeks ago. They were flown by Mercy Air to a town in the Buvi district, approximately 60 km (36 mi) from Beira. The Mercy Air pilot and assistant were very helpful in both translation and documentation. They were able to help the village chief complete the assessment form, which will enable aid to be flown out to the village.

The biggest need here is for medical attention, but food has also become critical. While we were able to begin arranging a food drop for tomorrow, the medical team was able to set up a small, improvised clinic in which they were able to treat 57 patients in about two hours. The team saw many malaria cases as well as wounds from the storm, including infected ones. The clinic included a makeshift pharmacy and, of course, care for the children. We never want to overlook the little ones who may appear uninjured on the outside, but are holding many wounds in their spirits after such a frightening tragedy.

Speaking of cholera, seven specialized treatment centers have been opened with beds for 500 patients. The need will probably become far greater, but it is good to see that arrangements are being made. Over 900,000 cholera vaccines have arrived in-country. So far over 1,000 cases have been reported, but over 125,000 people are at significant risk of developing the disease. The WHO is hard at work preparing for these expected cases.

Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support. We could not do this work without you. Please find a link below to donate toward this response. Please continue to pray for a very hard-working, very tired, but very joyful team!