Report from European Introductory Course 2018 – Wiler, Switzerland

Introductory Course 2018, Wiler – Switzerland

In no European course before have participants been so eager to become

members of RescueNet. One even asked if she could order her uniform

before having received her written evaluation. This course was a great

course! We had 8 students from 7 different nations and a staff team of 12 +

some staff that came for a few days . Apart from a great location for

scenarios and training and beautiful sunshine all the way through, this

group was ready to go. All except one had some medical background (2

doctors!) and they were a very tight group. We had great times with the

Lord and the students took a morning each to lead us in moments with

Him. And all through the course God had a big role – from classroom

setting to praying before each scenario.

What was special this time was a surprise scenario for both staff and

participants. Thanks to Dee’s amazing contact with the Swiss military and

police, we had some intense hours that helped us prepare for eventual

deployment. Unfortunately we can’t say more, in case we decide to do

something similar next time 🙂

It’s always great to hear from base staff how a blessing RN is during these

courses, from leading base intercession to interaction around the lunch

table. And also being able to share our hearts with our helpful “casualties”

and hearing them say that having been a part of scenarios in the different

courses gives them a heart for this kind of work.

We had some good classroom times and fun scenarios in “Fogland” where

the best probably was the final scenario where we saw our 8 participants

cover and treat casualties in a huge area in pouring rain. All in all – a very

good course with 8 potential new members!